Sep 30, 2022 • 2M

The Idea of a University, Day 22 Discourse II,

Theology a Branch of Knowledge § 9

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The Ideas and Writings of St. John Henry Newman

Reading for Day 22: The Idea of a University, Discourse II, Theology a Branch of Knowledge § 9

I end then as I began: religious doctrine is knowledge. This is the important truth, little entered into at this day, which I wish that all who have honoured me with their presence here would allow me to beg them to take away with them. I am not catching at sharp arguments, but laying down grave principles. Religious doctrine is knowledge, in as full a sense as Newton's doctrine is knowledge. University Teaching without Theology is simply unphilosophical. Theology has at least as good a right to claim a place there as Astronomy.

In my next Discourse it will be my object to show that its omission from the list of recognised sciences is not only indefensible in itself, but prejudicial to all the rest.